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Adversary Proceedings/Litigation

An Adversary Proceeding is a lawsuit within or related to a bankruptcy case, usually brought by a creditor of a bankruptcy debtor seeking certain relief from the bankruptcy automatic stay or discharge.  The bankruptcy Trustee may also bring an adversary proceeding against a debtor.


The most common reason for a creditor to bring an adversary proceeding is where the debtor acted fraudulently against the creditor.  In cases where the creditor can prove that the debt owed is based upon a fraud by the debtor, any bankruptcy discharge would not apply to the debt owed to this particular creditor.  One example is where the debtor applied for a loan, but has lied on the loan application.




If you are a creditor of a debtor who has filed for bankruptcy, you may still have options to collect.  You must act fast, however, as once a bankruptcy case is filed, the creditor has a very limited amount of time in which to act.  Any delay could mean the difference between collecting the monies owed to you, or waiving your rights.


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