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Creditor Rights

If someone that owes you money files for bankruptcy, there may still be various ways which you could get paid — at least a portion of the money owed to you.  Depending on the type of bankruptcy filed, and on the condition of the debtor, there may be ways to get paid through the bankruptcy court, or have the bankruptcy stay lifted as to your particular debt.  Further, depending on the type of debt involved, you may file an adversary petition to have the bankruptcy discharge not apply to the money owed to you.


While the options are many, one thing is for certain: Time is not on your side!  Once a person files for bankruptcy, creditors have a limited amount of time in which to act or otherwise waive their rights.  If someone that owes you money has filed for bankruptcy, you must act quickly and decisively.


The attorneys at Netzah & Shem-Tov have experience in representing creditors in bankruptcy and adversary proceedings. Contact us to discuss your situation, and we will give you a fair assessment of your chances of recovering the money owed to you. 818-995-4200


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